Plus: Asymmetrical warfare against Trump; Bernie and Russia; Aldous Huxley; Buddhist Barbie; etc.
Plus: The case against reality’s reality; the cases for Warren, Sanders, Biden, and Buttigieg; populism’s persistent energy.
Plus: How to be an Epicurean; the roots of nationalism; Is Bernie too radical?
Plus: Getting Glenn Greenwald, Wendell Berry’s eco-spirituality, the late Ram Dass on fear of death
Plus: Joseph Goldstein on not-self, impeachment then and now, the latest creepy app
If you’re feeling reflective yet vocal, here’s a reader discussion thread you may want to join.Is there a spiritual or philosophical system that guides you through life? In what ways? Are there systems—current or ancient—you'd like to lear…
Plus: Conquering fear via meditation, tracing the devolution of social media, and celebrating the latest in robotic dogs
Plus: Spinoza’s cerebral mysticism, one man’s lonely war on redundancy, Trump’s eternal stranglehold on the GOP, etc.
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