Parrot Room: Supply Chain of FoolsListen now (125 min) |
Plus: Facebook's global thought policing; Syria rejoins the region; Iraqi nationalist mojo, etc.
“The Blob” isn’t a coherent concept, according to some blobsters. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?
Parrot Room: Coalition of the UnverifiedListen now (112 min) | Mickey’s weak Lazarus impression. Carlos Watson’s even weaker Lazarus impression. Mickey’s cancel-worthy gaffe of the week. Was …
Plus: Stacked Afghanistan probe; US drags feet on global vaccines; US doesn’t drag feet on globalized tax policy; etc.
Is war getting dangerously sanitary?Listen now (58 min) | A new book argues that "humane" wars have a big downside.
Parrot Room: Waiting For the JokeListen now (109 min) |
Plus: Pompeo vs. Assange, Europeans reject a new cold war, doubts about "Havana syndrome," etc.
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