Parrot Room: If You Can’t Say Something Nice…Listen now (125 min) |
Plus: Fighting over Ukraine, Omicron I-told-you-so, Iran-related blunders, etc.
The new Covid variant has a few unkind words for the world’s governing class—and for global elites more broadly.
A buried treasure for free.
Being anti-tribal in the age of Kenosha
Parrot Room: Don’t Go All Tribal on MeListen now (119 min) |
Plus: Blob demands toughness. Russia blows up satellite. China rocks boats.
(And why does Sam Harris keep misunderstanding it?)
Parrot Room: The Enemies RoomListen now (109 min) |
Plus: Afghanistan’s fake soldiers; America’s fake war on autocracy; Blinken’s Ukraine bravado
Is the anti-woke crusader as good at transcending tribalism as he says he is?
This piece was originally published in Wired on May 17, 2018. Sam Harris, one of the original members of the group dubbed the “New Atheists” (by Wired!…