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A Debate On Ukraine (Robert Wright & Anders Åslund)

A Debate On Ukraine (Robert Wright & Anders Åslund)


0:51 What Anders didn’t like about Bob’s Washington Post op-ed on Russia-Ukraine
11:19 Was Putin always bent on invading Russia’s neighbors?
19:13 Bob and Anders debate NATO expansion
29:37 Should the West encourage regime change in Russia?
36:55 Are the US and NATO “fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian”?
46:09 The causes and consequences of Ukraine’s 2014 revolution
56:04 Is Putin committing genocide?
1:01:21 Possible endgames of the Ukraine war – and of Putin’s Russia
1:12:21 Could better US policy have averted the Ukraine war?

Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Anders Åslund (The Center for Social and Economic Research, Russia's Crony Capitalism). Recorded December 09, 2022.

Bob's piece in the Washington Post
Anders' Twitter thread criticizing Bob's Washington Post piece

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