Jul 25 • 1HR 6M

AI and Existential Risk (Robert Wright & Connor Leahy)


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Robert Wright
Conversations with a series of people who have nothing in common except that program host Robert Wright is curious about what they’re thinking.
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1:53 Where AI fits in Connor’s tech threat taxonomy
14:42 What does the “general” in artificial general intelligence actually mean?
21:58 What should worry us about AI right now?
29:33 Connor: Don’t put your trust in AI companies
39:00 The promise and perils of open-sourcing AI
49:24 Why "interpretability" matters
56:03 What would an aligned AI actually look like?
1:00:32 Bridging the technology wisdom gap

Robert Wright (Bloggingheads.tv, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Connor Leahy (Conjecture). Recorded July 11, 2023.

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