Nov 22, 2022 • 1HR 26M

The Two Kinds of Empathy (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

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Robert Wright
Conversations with a series of people who have nothing in common except that program host Robert Wright is curious about what they’re thinking.
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2:22 Paul’s upcoming book, Psych: The Story of the Human Mind
18:42 Bob’s upcoming book, tk
24:27 Are psychopaths high in (cognitive) empathy?
33:29 How good are we at perspective taking—and how can we get better?
40:28 Elon Musk’s apparent cognitive empathy deficit
49:57 Is cognitive empathy a biological adaptation?
1:06:10 Is it even possible to understand the minds of others?
1:16:47 Paul’s budding interest in perversity

Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Paul Bloom (University of Toronto, The Sweet Spot, Against Empathy). Recorded November 8, 2022.

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