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Free Speech, Antisemitism, and Elon Musk (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Free Speech, Antisemitism, and Elon Musk (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)


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0:38 The biggest surprise of Paul’s intellectual life
8:13 What the three college presidents should have said about free speech
20:39 Ramaswamy’s hot mic moment: mistake or power move?
22:45 Elon’s scorched-earth moment: power move or mental break?
30:49 Paul gets fact-checked—and likes it
36:02 In aligning AI, should we aim higher than human values?
40:29 Bob DESTROYS Paul’s AI article

Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Paul Bloom (, University of Toronto, The Sweet Spot, Against Empathy). Recorded December 11, 2023.


Overtime titles:

0:00 Paul DESTROYS Bob’s destruction of Paul’s AI article
6:17 Can LLMs transcend their training?
15:20 How real is the AI hallucination problem?
18:49 Bob breaks the Bostrom simulation argument (and Paul’s brain)
26:14 Could AI become conscious? Could the USA?
30:24 In partial defense of SBF
35:15 Bob’s utilitarianism vs Peter Singer’s utilitarianism
39:34 Freddie deBoer vs effective altruism

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