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The World Crisis and International Law (Robert Wright & Paul Stephan)


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Robert Wright
Conversations with a series of people who have nothing in common except that program host Robert Wright is curious about what they’re thinking.
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00:51 Paul’s book, The World Crisis and International Law
7:25 Should we demand that other countries be as liberal as we are?
20:06 What went wrong in Russia after the Soviet Union fell?
33:32 How post-Cold war consensus gave way to global fragmentation
39:29 Can international law prevent techno-authoritarianism?
48:12 Paul’s skepticism about international law
57:44 How the knowledge economy could lead to a Chinese Trump

Robert Wright (Bloggingheads.tv, The Evolution of God, Nonzero, Why Buddhism Is True) and Paul Stephan (University of Virginia, The World Crisis and International Law). Recorded March 15, 2023.

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