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A Trump 2.0 Foreign Policy (Robert Wright & Kelley Vlahos)

A Trump 2.0 Foreign Policy (Robert Wright & Kelley Vlahos)


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1:29 Kelley’s new podcast, Trip the Beltway Fantastic
5:31 Pat Buchanan and conservative opposition to the Iraq war
9:46 Would Trump 2.0 promote foreign policy restraint?
18:44 Possible Trump appointees pushing for conflict with China
25:29 The time Tucker Carlson helped prevent war with Iran
40:45 Would Trump greenlight ethnic cleansing in Gaza?
49:04 Would Trump end the Russia-Ukraine war?
53:46 Heading to Overtime

Overtime (video below paywall):

00:24 A Pentagon program that corrupts officers
15:57 Kelley’s upbringing in Connecticut and early career as a reporter
24:44 How clickbait culture has degraded journalism

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