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Biden’s Israel Problem (Robert Wright, Derek Davison, Daniel Bessner)

Biden’s Israel Problem (Robert Wright, Derek Davison, Daniel Bessner)


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0:05 A brief message from Bob
1:43 Derek and Danny stumble into Bob’s Zoom room
2:42 Israel’s doubly out-of-control week
11:44 How Biden's Gaza failures will shape the Democratic Party
26:13 Biden’s political incentives on Israel-Palestine
29:43 Heading to Overtime

Robert Wright (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, Why Buddhism Is True), Derek Davison (Foreign Exchanges, American Prestige, Discontents), and Daniel Bessner (American Prestige, University of Washington). Recorded April 04, 2024.

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Overtime titles:

0:00 Why is the Biden White House so devoted to Israel?
8:14 Slouching toward the ethnic cleansing of Gaza
16:45 How bad would Trump 2.0 be on foreign policy?
28:42 The retributive impulse behind Israel’s war
36:26 Is Trump a fascist?

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