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Brave New AI World (Robert Wright & Jeffrey Ladish)

Brave New AI World (Robert Wright & Jeffrey Ladish)


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0:59 Why Jeffrey helped turn Meta’s Llama into Bad Llama
8:55 Bioweapons, hacking, and other AI dangers
19:39 How America unwittingly boosts China’s AI sector
28:37 The dark side of AI “alignment”
39:51 Is superintelligence the super-weapon of the future?
49:13 The perils of AI acceleration

Robert Wright (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, Why Buddhism Is True) and Jeffrey Ladish (Palisade Research). Recorded June 19, 2024.


Overtime titles:

0:12 Can we no longer trust our eyes and ears?
4:23 Bob: AIs reverse-engineer the human mind (more or less)
12:43 Is AI progress slowing down?
24:06 China-phobia and non-zero-sum dynamics
31:13 How AI could turbo-charge tyranny

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