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How Iran’s Attack Benefits Israel (Robert Wright & Joshua Landis)

How Iran’s Attack Benefits Israel (Robert Wright & Joshua Landis)


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0:35 Why Iran’s attack on Israel was an “own goal”
5:12 Did Iran minimize casualties on purpose?
11:47 The rising odds of Israel attacking Iran directly
19:15 America’s contradictory relationship with Israel
25:19 How conflict with Iran helps Israel
33:47 What China wants in the Middle East
43:03 America’s destabilizing role in the region
56:52 Heading to Overtime

Robert Wright (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, Why Buddhism Is True) and Joshua Landis (University of Oklahoma, Recorded April 16, 2024.


Overtime titles:

0:00 How Iran's attack helps Netanyahu
4:21 What motivates Iran to oppose Israel and America?
11:57 America’s unsustainable militarism

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