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Meditation Tips for Beginners (and Non-Beginners) (Robert Wright & Kathryn Devaney)

Meditation Tips for Beginners (and Non-Beginners) (Robert Wright & Kathryn Devaney)


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0:00 Kati’s unusual niche
2:12 How Covid changed meditation
7:10 Kati: The optimal amount of meditation is…
14:42 Is focusing on the breath overblown?
22:38 AI as a spiritual challenge
32:35 Meditation and cognitive empathy
39:24 Using technology mindfully
45:56 Heading to Overtime

Robert Wright (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, Why Buddhism Is True) and Kathryn Devaney (The Berkeley Alembic). Recorded March 21, 2024.


Overtime titles:

0:00 Bob’s humiliating meditation hack
1:43 Can meditation erase your attention deficit?
13:55 Mushrooms as pacifiers
20:06 Marijuana vs psychedelics—neuroscientifically
23:54 The science of spontaneous enlightenment
33:42 What enlightenment looks like
39:42 Can microdosing be spiritual?
42:50 Non-linear meditative progress

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