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Thomas Friedman was among the worst hacks in elite journalism for most of my life. His support for the Iraq War was a catastrophic error that should not be forgotten, and his coverage of Israel simply erased the interests of the Palestinians like journalists erased the interests of the Plains Indians back in the 19th Century.

However, the past couple of years, he’s gotten much better. I give him credit where it’s due.

I will make one comment regarding his coverage of the Palestinians: he seems to confuse “the Palestinians” as a people with “the Palestinian political leadership” who are widely unpopular with the Palestinian people. He needs to start getting in touch with the perspective of the Palestinian people, not the wantonly corrupt and feckless political class. He could start by doing a series of extended interviews with Palestinian teenagers. Why teenagers? Because most Palestinians are in their teens and early 20s! They have a very young median age; it’s only the politicians who are old men with gray hair.

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