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The President’s Brain (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

The President’s Brain (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)


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1:19 Dementia vs senility
5:16 Biden’s brain: a post-debate diagnosis
15:32 Who’s to blame for the Biden problem?
25:40 Biden’s most baffling debate moment
32:40 Will Biden step down? Bob and Paul place their bets
38:37 Has Nick Bostrom flipped on AI doomerism?
42:53 The earthly side of a meditation retreat
49:33 Heading to Overtime

Robert Wright (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, Why Buddhism Is True) and Paul Bloom (, University of Toronto, The Sweet Spot, Against Empathy). Recorded July 01, 2024.


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Overtime titles:

0:00 Bob’s serious issue with Paul’s sense of humor
9:42 Paul stands up for loyalty
24:13 The underexplored dimensions of Dark Matter (spoilers)
35:56 Are Bob’s and Paul’s views on free will compatible?

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