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Everyone talks about the 2 state solution. Bernie Sanders yesterday kept harping about the need for a 2 state solution. You know who doesn’t want a 2 state solution? The Palestinians.

This all started when the world came together to create Israel after WWII. Mandate Palestine, controlled by the British since the early 1920’s allowed 2 “parliaments” to exist, a Jewish one and a Muslim one. They were advisory as I understand it. When the 2 state solution was offered the Jews accepted it and the Muslims did not. I’ve also read that it was the surrounding Arab countries who were dead set against a Jewish state.

I heard in a recent discussion that 80% of Palestinians are against a 2 state solution. That would explain Arafat walking away from the Perez offer back in the ‘90’s.

I find the one state solution intriguing although probably less politically viable than 2 states as noted in the podcast.

I have no solution. The point is the problem with the 2 state solution is the Palestinians not the Israelis, with the exception of the wacko settlers in the North.

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