Parrot Room: Supply Chain of FoolsListen now (125 min) |
Plus: Facebook's global thought policing; Syria rejoins the region; Iraqi nationalist mojo, etc.
“The Blob” isn’t a coherent concept, according to some blobsters. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?
Parrot Room: Coalition of the UnverifiedListen now (112 min) | Mickey’s weak Lazarus impression. Carlos Watson’s even weaker Lazarus impression. Mickey’s cancel-worthy gaffe of the week. Was …
Plus: Stacked Afghanistan probe; US drags feet on global vaccines; US doesn’t drag feet on globalized tax policy; etc.
Is war getting dangerously sanitary?Listen now (58 min) | A new book argues that "humane" wars have a big downside.
Parrot Room: Waiting For the JokeListen now (109 min) |
Plus: Pompeo vs. Assange, Europeans reject a new cold war, doubts about "Havana syndrome," etc.
His UN Speech shows why, in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal, he needs to double down on his defiance of the Blob if he wants to, as he says, lea…
Parrot Room: Nobody Wants to Read Your Back-in LedeListen now (116 min) |
Questioning NYT takes on the Blob and on Iran. Plus: Biden’s dubious claims at the UN, China’s big coal news, Haiti's troubles, etc.
Yes, tensions with China were high when the Joint Chiefs chairman intervened, but for reasons that are in some ways scarier than Trump’s craziness