Reasons to calm down about the Delta variantListen now (37 min) | Plus: Simone Biles and the rest of us
Parrot Room: Class ConflictListen now (110 min) | null
Also: Venezuela and the culture wars, Biden bombs Somalia, Tunisia’s political crisis, etc.
Sorry to clutter your inbox with a plea for assistance, but I think this is a worthy cause: I’m looking for somebody to help me with this newsletter an…
God-Facebook merger; Getting vax-skepticism; Physics and philosophy; Did feds frame right-wing nuts?
Parrot Room: Caligula Rides AgainListen now (97 min) | null
TWIB: Militarism and the ApocalypseListen now (26 min) | Plus: Israel’s authoritarian export, Iran’s interventions, America’s role in Haiti’s crisis, etc.
Ask not what the Apocalypse Aversion Project can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Apocalypse Aversion Project.
Parrot Room: A Fine Mesh of NoiseListen now (111 min) | null
Plus: Peter Thiel’s proxy, Flournoy (accidentally!) endorses terror group, Haiti goes from bad to worse, etc.
The grand unified theories of the man who brought us the Intellectual Dark Web.
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