Plus: Joseph Goldstein on not-self, impeachment then and now, the latest creepy app
If you’re feeling reflective yet vocal, here’s a reader discussion thread you may want to join.Is there a spiritual or philosophical system that guides you through life? In what ways? Are there systems—current or ancient—you'd like to lear…
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Plus: Buddhist and Stoic self-help, the conservative case for Bernie, a drug that cures heartbreak, etc.
Ask a RussianHi. This is Nikita, Nonzero’s Russian staff member. Last time I spoke to Bob over on Patreon, several people said they'd like to ask me some que…
Plus: Impeachment psychology, Buddhism and Stoicism, Uncool Buttigieg, etc.
Plus: Sanders and Warren on Israel, Finding your virtual Freud, Google breaks its own rules, etc.
Question from BobDo you think you consume too much media, or too little, or just about the right amount? And, leaving aside aggregate media consumption, what kin…
Plus: Empathy’s tribalizing side, a theory about conspiracy theorizing, Bloomberg doom, etc.
Plus: Enlightenment as efficiency, Amity via adversity, Zuckerberg’s and Dorsey’s slavish service to power, etc.