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Parrot Room: 2021: The Reckoning

Year-end good news edition of TWIB!

All-video Holiday Edition!

Stories Built for Survival

Parrot Room: Anti-Neoliberal Tropes

America's post-war war on Afghans

Tribalism Among Nations

Parrot Room: Really, guys, you can do better!

TWIB: Democracy Summit fails

The Tribeless Tribe wants you…

Parrot Room: If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

TWIB: Havana Syndrome Syndrome--a malady of the Blob

Omicron’s Message

Parrot Room: Black Friday Special!

The Dharma of Bob 8: A Cosmic View of Our Situation (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

Why is courage so hard?

Parrot Room: Don’t Go All Tribal on Me

TWIB: America's democracy promotion campaign gets bad grade

What is Tribalism?

Parrot Room: The Enemies Room

TWIB: As Glasgow fiddles, Tuvalu soaks

Sam Harris’s Anti-tribalism Report Card

Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought

Parrot Room: Drinking The Guru

TWIB: Defund the Blob?

The Glasgow summit will be a success!

Parrot Room: The Sage of Flyover Country

TWIB: Is there a coup pandemic?

Special metaphysics and foreign policy issue!

Parrot Room: It’s Tropes All the Way Down

TWIB: Mindless right-wing freakout over new Chinese missile

Steven Pinker and the Apocalypse

Parrot Room: Supply Chain of Fools

TWIB: Blinken implicitly threatens military action against Iran

Toward a Unified Theory of Blob-dom

Parrot Room: Coalition of the Unverified

TWIB: China threat inflation update

Is war getting dangerously sanitary?

Parrot Room: Waiting For the Joke

TWIB: Blobster-in-chief diagnosed with Iranophobia

Biden’s Inflection Point

Parrot Room: Nobody Wants to Read Your Back-in Lede

TWIB: New-York-Times-bashing issue

The Dharma of Bob 7: Cognitive Bias and Conflict (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

The truth behind the Mark Milley story

Parrot Room: Stop the Steelman

TWIB: Biden proves manhood, angering France

Contesting Determinism (Robert Wright & Oliver Burkeman)

The Last Word on GWOT

Parrot Room: Planning Our Obsolescence

Grading my Global War on Terrorism

The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics (Robert Wright & John Horgan)

Parrot Room: An Uneasy Calm

TWIB: Head of Blob defends Blob

Afghanistan: 3 Unlearned Lessons

The Week in Blob

Parrot Room: The Parrot is Arisen

Debating the Sexual Psychology of Men and Women (Robert Wright & Agustín Fuentes)

Summer cartoon break

Parrot Room: Epistemic Humility

TWIB: Beware Blob talking points on Afghanistan

How the Afghanistan War really started

Parrot Room: Make us an offer, Rumble

The Week in Blob

American Vigilante

Parrot Room: Parrots Have Rights, Too!

The Week in Blob

Time Management for Mortals (Robert Wright & Oliver Burkeman)

Reasons to calm down about the Delta variant

Parrot Room: Class Conflict

TWIB: Delta’s lesson: Think locally, act globally

Nonzero is hiring!

Four Easy Pieces

Parrot Room: Caligula Rides Again

TWIB: Militarism and the Apocalypse

The Mother of All Cognitive Biases

Parrot Room: A Fine Mesh of Noise

TWIB: Are ‘Iranian proxies’ really Iranian proxies?

Is Eric Weinstein a crackpot?

Parrot Room: Trollapalooza

Deconstructing Eric Weinstein’s Grand Theory (Robert Wright & Timothy Nguyen)

The Dharma of Bob 6: The Explain/Excuse Conflation (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

Parrot Room: Calling all Weinsteins

TWIB: Why are there still US troops in Iraq and Syria?

Could tribalism be harnessed to beat covid?

Mark Zuckerberg must be stopped

Parrot Room: Mad as Hell

TWIB: What America’s seizure of Iran-linked websites says about the “rules-based order”

Ode to a world-saving idea

Parrot Room: Beyond Nuance: Mystery Guest Unveiled

TWIB: Let’s talk about NATO

Logic Alone Won’t Save Earthlings

Parrot Room: Sliding Down the Pyramid of Gravitas

TWIB: Journalism as threat inflation

The explain/excuse conflation must die!

Should Darwin Be Cancelled? (Robert Wright & Agustín Fuentes)

If UFOs are extraterrestrial, that’s good news!

Parrot Room: Cry Me an Artificial River

The Week in Blob

New Reason to Hate Twitter!

Parrot Room: Just Mean Enough

The Week in Blob

What’s Happening to the Uyghurs?

Saving the World One Podcast at a Time (Robert Wright & Rob Wiblin)

The Truth about Darwin

Parrot Room: Unidentified Flying Parrot

The Week in Blob

World War I and Now

Parrot Room: Don’t Get Liminal with Me

The Week in Blob

Why Retribution Isn’t a Moral Good

The Dharma of Bob 5: Mindful Defiance (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

The Tribal New York Times

Parrot Room: A Beak in the Crowd

The Week in Blob

Mindfulness and courage

Despite Our Best Intentions (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

AAP Book Report

Parrot Room: Anger Mismanagement

The Week in Blob

Circling the Elephant (Robert Wright & John Thatamanil)

Show some courage! Defy your tribe!

Parrot Room: Playboy in the Parrot Room

The Week in Blob

Getting Cosmic

Frankenstein as guiding light

Parrot Room: The Plan

The Week in Blob

The Giant Global Brain

Mindfulness and World Peace

Parrot Room: Here comes trouble

The Week in Blob

From Hunter-gatherer Village to Global Village

Did the Covid virus come from a Chinese lab?

Parrot Room: We’ve sunk to a new low.

The Week in Blob

From Primordial Ooze to Us

World War II and the Apocalypse Aversion Project

Parrot Room: Surfing the slough of despond

The Week in Blob

The Logic of Life

The Dharma of Bob 4: Averting the Apocalypse (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

Parrot Room: This isn’t about Substack, is it?

An apocalypse averting dialectic

Some bad news about this week’s Parrot Room (seriously)

The Week in Blob

David Sanger, cybermenace

The scheme of things

The Parrot Room: Don’t start me up.

The Week in Blob

A brief history of life


Your mission...

Parrot Room: Parrot Patois

The Week in Blob

Can Substack save the world?

Kant’s Transcendental Philosophy (Robert Wright & David Ottlinger)

The book-writing aversion project

The Parrot Room: With a name like Parrot Room, it’s got to be good

The Week in Blob

Heavily annotated readings

Ten Keys to Reality (Robert Wright & Frank Wilczek)

I'm writing a book!

I'm writing a book!

The Parrot Room: Who gives a blank? A Parrot Room mystery.

The Week in Blob


Realities bite

The Parrot Room: These podcasts don't cancel themselves, you know

The Week in Blob

Internet doomsayer debunked!

The Parrot Room: If you can't say something nice about someone...

The Week in Blob

Major newspaper hastens apocalypse!

Forces of darkness suffer setback!

The Week in Blob

Workers of the world, unite!

The Dharma of Bob 3: Cognitive Biases (Robert Wright & Josh Summers)

QAnon and the meaning(s) of apocalypse

Introducing the Apocalypse Aversion Project