Sitemap - 2024 - Nonzero Newsletter

Confessions of a Black Conservative (Robert Wright & Glenn Loury)

AI, Techno-optimism, and Cosmic Purpose (Robert Wright & Kevin Kelly)

The Alien Mind of AI (Robert Wright & Steven Pinker)

A Trump 2.0 Foreign Policy (Robert Wright & Kelley Vlahos)

Trump's Conviction, Russia-Ukraine Escalation (Earthling Unplugged)

Guardians of the Blob-Based Order

Gaza, Biden, and Trump (Robert Wright, Derek Davison, Daniel Bessner)

Why Trump Is Worse Than Biden on Gaza (and maybe much worse)

GPT-4o, AI Companions, and the Metaverse (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Overton Windows Ep. 4: Israel-Palestine After October 7

Sam Altman’s Very Good, Very Bad Week

In Defense of AI Doomerism (Robert Wright & Liron Shapira)

Has Antisemitism Surged? (Robert Wright & Eli Lake)

Are the Pro-Palestine Protests Working? (Earthling Unplugged)

Protest Tips from Boomers

Antisemitism and Free Speech (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

The New “Pro-Israel” Assault on Free Speech (Earthling Unplugged)

The New “Pro-Israel” Assault on Free Speech

A Debate on Israel-Palestine (Robert Wright & Coleman Hughes)

This Feels Like Vietnam (but not enough)

Campus Protests, Dennett’s Legacy (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Putin, AI, Ukraine, Crypto, the Noosphere, Futurism, and Other Stuff (Robert Wright & Anatoly Karlin)

Israel Strikes Iran, David Cameron Crumbles (Earthling Unplugged)

The Kay Burley Path to World Peace

How Iran’s Attack Benefits Israel (Robert Wright & Joshua Landis)

Iran’s “Imminent” Attack (Earthling Unplugged)

Marc Andreessen's Mindless Techno-optimism

Daniel Kahneman and the Rationalists (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

How the US media encourages Bibi’s dangerous brinksmanship

Biden’s Israel Problem (Robert Wright, Derek Davison, Daniel Bessner)

AI, Rationalism, and the “Great Filter” (Robert Wright & Robin Hanson)

The Cosmic Thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Robert Wright & Ilia Delio)

Bibi Beats Biden (Again) (Earthling Unplugged)

The New Persuaders

Meditation Tips for Beginners (and Non-Beginners) (Robert Wright & Kathryn Devaney)

Special Cold War Freak-Out Issue

What Does Putin Want? (Robert Wright, Nikolay, and Kirill)

Elon and Altman: Dueling Messiahs (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Meta’s Dangerously Carefree AI Chief

The Open Source AI Question (Robert Wright & Nathan Labenz)

Biden’s Gaza Failures (Robert Wright & Daniel Levy)

Biden's Big Speech (Earthling Unplugged)

The real problem with the Trump-Biden choice

Elon v. OpenAI, Google vs Itself (Robert Wright & Timothy B. Lee)

Possible Palestinian and Ukrainian Futures (Earthling Unplugged)

Google’s AI, Biden’s Brain, and Other Enigmas (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Biden’s Tough Love Deficit

Yes, AIs ‘understand’ things

Does AI Understand Things? (Robert Wright & Gary Marcus)

What Navalny Meant (Robert Wright & Nikita Petrov)

Gazans' Displacement, AI's Acceleration (Earthling Unplugged)

Sam Altman’s Big, Bad Idea

Ukraine’s War, Putin’s Worldview (Robert Wright & Leonid Ragozin)

Inside the Mind of AI (Robert Wright & Nora Belrose)

Putin's Monologue, Biden's Bad Day (Earthling Unplugged)

The New Lab Leak Evidence

Conspiracy Theories and True Fictions (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

The Truth About Effective Altruism (Robert Wright & Rob Wiblin)

The Iran Retaliation Calculus

What’s Next for Gaza and Israel? (Robert Wright, Derek Davison, Daniel Bessner)

An Israeli Looks at Gaza (Robert Wright & Russ Roberts)

AI Gets Political

Gaza, Biden, Political AI, and Other Problems (Earthling Unplugged)

Overton Windows Ep.3: Transgender Issues

The Biden-Trump Catastrophe (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)

How the US created the “Iran-backed Houthis”

Wuhan Lab Leak, Effective Altruism, and Other Media-distorted Issues (Robert Wright & Paul Bloom)

Techno-Optimism vs. Techno-Pessimism (Robert Wright & Reid Hoffman)

Biden takes the bait in Yemen

The Iowa Caucuses and After (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)

Israel’s War, Biden’s War (Robert Wright & Stephen Walt)

Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Push

Is AI Moving Too Fast? (Robert Wright & Timothy B. Lee)

Down the JFK Rabbit Hole (Robert Wright & Jefferson Morley)